Chinese Language


Chinese Language and Literacy is crucial to the development of young children’s learning. Children need to use language not only to express their needs, feelings and thoughts, but also to make sense of the world around them.

At our Kindergarten, Di Tze Gui (弟子规) a character-building aspect of education was first introduced in 2004, which became our pride and joy since. It instills basic moral principles and values in our pupils and enhances their proficiency in the language.

At our Kindergarten, Chinese Language and Literacy is developed through:

  • Dramatizations (模仿剧)

  • Language games (语文游戏)

  • Poetry & prose (诗词)

  • Reading (阅读)

  • Rhymes & songs (儿歌)

  • Spelling (听写)

  • Story-telling (讲故事)

  • Stroke counting (数笔画)

  • Writing (习作)

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